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New Zealand#1

Well, we finally made it to Christchurch and have been settled for the past 5 days. Really feels good to be back in my old home town and retrace all my old routes with my wife by my side. The first few days were just the normal when settling into a new place. We opened up a bank account, bought a cell phone,setup a wireless network in my mother’s house, and most importantly…….sign up for membership at Jellie Park. This is the swimming pool/gym that Lindsay and I will be spending a fair…


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My 2011 disaster


****hang on for this blog entry rant as I have come back to this every day since Sept 12. It has morphed itself into what I felt I lacked in 2011.********

After some reflecting after 70.3 Worlds the one word I could up with to describe the 2011 season with is....ROUGH!

My goals for 2011 were the following:

  • Win two 70.3 events
  • Not fall outside of top 10 in any race
  • Top 10 at 70.3 Worlds
I went… Continue

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Rev 3/Eagleman Dirty Double Nutrition


A few weeks ago I did the back-to-back weekends of racing with Rev 3 Half in Connecticut and the Eagleman 70.3. Fueling between events was going to be just as important as fueling during the races.


Rev 3 was a disaster! I was flat all day and just felt miserable from the gun. I used my normal two bottles with bottle one being the 400 calories of liquid shot. Bottle two 200 calories of Fruit Punch EFS. I like doing the EFS last since the taste is more light and…


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Orlando 70.3


going to say that Orlando was my first race of the season after my horrible showing at Galveston!

Planning travel to races is always a pain in the butt and a big risk. As you might remember from previous posts, I travel standby and only get on if there is a open seat. With the airlines cutting routes and reducing frequency of  flights to locations it has been interesting to, say the least, getting to races. So when my good buddy and training partner Justin Park said he was…


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Branson 70.3

Another top 5 finish for the season with a 4th overall at Branson 70.3. For me this was with out a doubt the hardest bike course I have every raced and it was also the hardest race to complete mentally.

It was going to be tough swim with Hackett,…

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1st WIN.....Steelhead 70.3


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Vineman 70.3


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BSLT 70.3

Friday, July 2, 2010

Lubbock 70.3

Nutrition at the bottom.…


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Breakfast: oatmeal w/honey and banana, bottle of EFS (fruit punch)

45min before race: bottle efs with 1.5 scoops pre-race

Bike: bottle 1 was 24oz water entire liquid shoot w/ one sccop efs fruit punch. Bottle two was 24oz water was two scoops efs and one scoop pre race

Well, I finally did. 2nd place at the Eagleman 70.3 triathlon!

Going into the race I was pretty worried that I might might not make top 5. With names like Bozzone, Cunningham,…


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The Double. Galveston/Wildflower

Galveston -10th place

Wildflower- 12th place

I was aiming for top 5 in both races as form was good, but things never go as planned! Looking forward to a big break through race soon. Fingers crossed.

I love liquid shot but I can only handle it in training just taking it from the bottle. Switched it up for both races and it worked very well.


Breakfast: Cornflakes, cliff twist, one scoop…


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Longhorn 70.3

Breakfast: oatmeal, .5 EFS bar and a bottle with one scoop of EFS on the way to race.

Race Consumption: Two bottles with each bottle containing two scoops of EFS and scoop of carb powder. I had a liquid shoot but it flew out of my jersey pocket.

Positioned myself well in the swim to exit with lead pack. Bike has been my weak point, but I hoped it was from lack of nutrition. I had plenty abord the rig today and still fell short. Felt great for the first 40 miles then slowly… Continue

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Nutrition has always been a issue for me, you see, I was once a fat kid. The thought of being overweight again haunts me to no end, so the whole idea of consuming lots calories during a Half Ironmna or even a 5hr training training was a scary concept to me. I figured the lighter I was, the faster I would go. I was always dissapointed after training and racing as to why I felt so flat and fatigued when I really was not excerting myself too hard.

My fat man/intake issues came to a… Continue

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