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I am interested in what others are doing with EFS/Liquid Shot for a stand alone marathon.  Thanks for your input.

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We had an athlete on our Team run a 2:34 at Boston this year, relying only on Liquid Shot & water. The original plan was to use (1) flask for the whole race, but he brought (2) w/ him in the event he finished the 1st. It went down VERY easy & he actually finished the 1st flask early (before mile 10). As such, he ended up finishing both of them by the end, which was surprising, but a testament to the digestibility of the product given that he took in ~800cal over a 2.5hr race @ <6min miles.

We have his race report posted on our forum w/ some HR, splits & elevation details if you're curious:

Boston Marathon Race Report (2:34)

Brian Shea
President/Head Coach
If it's a cooler race or you're not a heavy sweater I'd think you could get by with just 2 flask and water from the course. However if you're over 4 hours it'll be a bit more tricky... You could carry a 4-bottle fuel belt and fill out 1-2 of the bottles with liquid shot then the other 2 with the drink mix, but you'd also have to carry extra mix on you to refill 1/2 way through the race.

What time frame are you looking at for the race? Location of race? Also your height/weight? That information would be clutch to figure out what you'd need to finish strong!

I ran a marathon in April with a single Amphipod flask with (almost) 2 liquid shot bottles. Plenty of calories for 3 hours of running. I took a swig before every aid station, where I washed it down with water.

Worked pretty well, I'd say. I'll be doing the same in April at the London Marathon.

*IF* I can get hold of FE products from the UK. The distributor seems to have gone under and I've no idea where to get it now. Any idea FE?
Andrew, Thanks for your reply. I 5'6", 135. I live in Atlanta, Ga. The marathon is in Miami at the end of Jan. Avg. temp there will be 80. I am a heavy sweater. I am 49. I am trying to BQ. My time would need to be 3:35 since I will be 50 in 2011. I have used EFS/liquid shot for all my races the last two years. I have only done one stand alone Marathon - Tampa in 2009 as a ramp up to IMKY. I ran 3:40. In 2010 I did 4 1/2 marathons with a PR of 1:34. I also did three 1/2 irons with my run in the last one (Augusta 70.3 - very flat) a 1:39. My run nutrition plan in each of the 1/2 irons was to carry a LS flask and take a sip every other mile right before the aid station and then take a sip of water. The alternating miles I drank the electrolyte provided at the aid station. I am doing my tempo runs on the treadmill to get ready for the heat. It was 44 degrees and dark tonight after work.
No way man, I live in Atlanta too!

Ok so given that you're 135 pounds and will be running an 8:12 pace you'll need to be replacing roughly 188 calories an hour. Which would work out nicely to about 1/2 an LS flask an hour. I'm not sure how your cramping goes but if you are a heavy sweater and this is a hot race I'd suggest taking on some Salt Tabs (1-2 an hour) along with the LS. Be sure to get salt tabs and not endurolytes due to salt tabs higher sodium context. Be sure to practice with these starting now!! Get your body used to this nutrition plan so it'll work well come race day.

So in short: 2 LS flask is what you'll need. Take about 1/4 a flask every 30mins and take a Salt tab at either the :15 and :45 of every hour or just 1x at the :15 of every hour. You should know what works best after trying both methods. Take water at every station since at every station you would have just had some LS or taken a salt tab. First aid station is at mile 2.8 so practice starting nutrition on your runs there and then every 2 miles after that.

Make Sense? Now this isn't absolute as everyone is different but it'll get you started in the right direction. Let me know if you have any questions. I'll be at all3sports all day tomorrow if you care to drop by.

Thanks for the suggestions. I have an 18 miler this week and will give it a try. You are at All3? I get all my tri gear from there. Just ordered some new Newt's. I actually live in Athens.
Go Dawgs!
Glenn- I use the Nathan Perfomance Gear Sprint handheld and fill ~1/2 full with EFS Liquid Shot. Then I fill the rest with concentrated EFS (1 scoop water in ~4oz of water). The orange EFS powder and liquid shot make it taste like a creamsicle. Then I just take water at the aid stations. This stuff gets me through open marathons no problemo, and I don't have to worry about whatever aid the race has available. The Sprint flask is small and I don't notice it whatsoever!
Thanks Megan. Great idea. I have a sprint flask and will give it a try with your mixture on a training run.
Thanks Megan for the mix idea!  I love, love, love my liquid shot but for my stand alone marathon I would love a more liquid form - I'm going to try the mix of EFS and LS on my long run Sunday!  I also ordered the nathan flask today!  You are full of good ideas! : )

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